Action Games

  • The Package
    The Package
    A package bomb has been activated and you've no chance to escape, unless you solve the puzzles.
  • Qweck Attack
    Qweck Attack
    Help the brave little Qweck Alien survive the attack of the humans after crash landing in their t...
  • Mister Fox
    Mister Fox
    This game you play Mister Fox going through obstacles, just like the good old days.
  • Oshiro
    Move your castle pieces around and take over the enemy opponent castles.
  • The Doors
    The Doors
    Get out of a house you are trapped inside of by picking up items, letters, cards and cube pieces.
  • River Raid
    River Raid
    Make a brutal raid on the military front of the enemy along the river and destroy all of their mi...
  • Stupidance 2
    Stupidance 2
    In a world with no laws, where only the merciless survive, a hero shall rise and DANCE!!!
  • Squish
    You've opened the windows of your apartment to cool it down, but now there are bugs everywhere.
  • Slow Motion
    Slow Motion
    Stay on the path and collect the gems.
  • Defy Gravity
    Defy Gravity
    Keep the ball from touching the edges by going against the gravity.
  • Milk Panic
    Milk Panic
    Milk the cows before they blow up.
  • Splatman
    A nice little version of Pacman. Eat all the dots and fruits to proceed further avoiding the scar...

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